Molly originally came into Vigil in 2010 after a poor start in life during which time she was kept in a garage.

After coming to Vigil, she soon went to a home with a gentleman who unfortunately died a year later.

When returned to Vigil she was suffering from bad hips but she had an operation with 'supervet' Noel Fitzpatrick which seems to have totally solved the problem. The operation was kindly paid for by the family of her deceased custodian.

During the period around her operation Molly was in foster with another gentleman who went on to adopt her permanently. He too has fallen ill and Molly has been in kennels since then and we fear she will not be able to go back to that home.

Molly loves attention from all our volunteers
Some photos are when she first came in in 2010 ...

UPDATE May 2018 - Molly's is now in foster due to the sudden death of her owner.
coat short colour black and tan
gender F age 10 years
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